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  • Neodeathtozion

    that wall better be built the lack thereof is causing reductions in the quality of life across  the board.  the valley people may require resettlement,  their cooperation has not been suitable for friendly relations as american citizens.   whereas, i would fight, kill and die for a fellow americans right to say anything in expression of their constitution rights,  but i cannot say that for these "valley" people.  they start making fun in such a way that they then disrespect our county entirely through some genetic level social network.  an artifical vensusian internet,  like a false lucifer.


    what can i say when i try to type anything and some illuminati fatboys are crying about their numerous daughters.  and come to find out, they arent even american.


    these off topic comments are,  in many ways,  like the TAAS test in texas.


    read it and weep you foreign enemies of all that is good.

  • Jokelkelly

    I'm looking for a honesty person on here


  • Nathan Michard

    I need change new password for nearby live


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